A flexible modular space which can be used for either a temporary office or accommodation. This unit has been designed to be budget conscious and where possible sustainable materials, finishes and equipment have been used. The unit exterior is striking with its charred Larch vertical slats that create irregularly placed ribbons over the 40ft high cube container. These fall at dramatic angles that overhang, extending beyond the unit at both short ends. The interior wall lining is predominantly natural Birch plywood with a combination of drywall and fixed furniture. These divide the space up further into essential areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and sleeping/meeting area finished in either a grey or white creating contrast against the natural warmth of the Birch. Each space has been designed to maximise space allowing both the lounge and bedroom areas to be easily converted into working and meeting spaces. The overall design allows these modular units to be used for several uses for example temporary lets such as holiday accommodation or isolation pods as well as short term office spaces for freelancers. They are also moveable and can be adapted to meet growing needs.